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Drawing from our deep experience and in collaboration with renowned professional practitioners, we are thrilled to be offering a total of four camps in the field of STEM, sports and music will be offered this summer over two weeks: from July 27 to August 2, and from August 5 to 11.


Our Camp DNA


Immersive Boarding Experience

Boarding is mandatory for all camps to ensure students' immersion in learning from both teachers and peers. Our Portal Guardian and resident tutors provide pastoral care and lead in social activities.


Value Education - 2Rs

"Be Respectful" and "Be Ready to Learn" are the pillars of our value education, which is interwoven into the fabrics of the Portal experience. Be it on the topic of grit, or creativity, perseverance or pursuit of excellence, students not only learn and reflect upon these values, but put them in action.  



Around 40% of our students come from a school other than St. Paul's Co-educational College and Primary School. Students from a total of 29 different schools have come through the doors of our Portal.


Parents Workshop

Parents are invited to join in the pre-camp briefing, the finale showcase, as well as a dedicated parents workshop led by our Portal Director and Guardian. In this workshop, parents will gain insights into the camp experience and receive guidance to support their child's ongoing growth and development.

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