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Summer Camps 2024

Welcoming Students from Across the Community

Welcome to the Summer Portal – your gateway to a summer of fun-filled learning and impactful exchanges here at St. Paul’s Co-ed! Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I will forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will learn.” The Summer Portal is all about getting involved and immersed in something you are passionate about, be it in sports, STEM or music!


What We Believe In

Steered by a vision to inspire the next generation and in following the educational model and philosophy of St. Paul’s Co-educational College, the St. Paul’s Co-ed Summer Portal is established to provide a uniquely “St. Paulian” and all-immersive experience for students to grow, learn and interact with faculty members, professionals as well as peers from across the community. 


It is our belief that the setting of a residential summer school - free from the confines of academic stress and beyond the boundaries of classrooms - holds that very power to liberate, re-define and transcend learning in such a way that not only maximises impact but instills values.


What Great Fun We Had Last Summer!

Re-live the precious memories from the three camps last summer on this latest issue of Summer Portal Memories


33 MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong

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